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DEEPMAZE is the world's first crowding pool backed auto-liquidity DeFi token.

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DEEPMAZE is designed for the community by the community. Be part of the revolution. Early adaptors receive more distributions from the crowding pool.

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Holders receive auto staking rewards from the crowding pool as the community transact.
Indefinitely Locked
Auto Staking
with Crowding Pool
0% Transaction Tax

DEEPMAZE is a revolutionary community token. With its unique Crowding Pool feature, holders can enjoy passive rewards without paying any transaction tax. Automated liquidity is locked in the LP forever and liquidity provision is frequent.

Smart Contract is designed to operate as an Ownerless Community Token. There are no exceptions to the fair play! No developer tokens or excluded accounts. Developers are just early investors.

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DEEPMAZE's unique tranasactional framework is simple to understand.
Step 1
Step 2
All holders receives
a share from the
Crowding Pool
Step 3
5% Liquidity Fee is
deducted from the
Step 4
Collected liquidity
fee is locked on

Road map
This is not the end.

It is not even the beginning
of the end.

But it is, perhaps,
the end of the beginning.

Winston Churchill
01 Nov 2021
Fair Sale Starts ✔
30% of the tokens listed exclusive to initial sale. Start of the marketing campaign and holder accumulation
14 Dec 2021
CoinMarketCap Listing ✔
Expected Date: February 2022
Listing Date: December 2021
02 Jan 2022
Turbowallet Goes Live✔
Expected Date: September 2022
Live Date: January 2022
20 Jan 2022
20,000 Holders✔
TrustWallet Repo, BSCScan, PancakeSwap recognition achieved
31 Jan 2022
Fair Sale Ends
Sale ends and results are published. Reserves are burned.
31 Jan 2022
Contract Functionality Activated
Transfers, Crowding Pool, Liquidity Provision Activated.
31 Jan 2022
Initial Liquidity to Pancakeswap
Initial Pancake Price is 2x of the initial sale price.
26 Feb 2022
Ownership Denounced
Token ownership denounced. Token becomes a true ownerless community token.
26 Feb 2022
Audit Report Finalized ✔
Target date for getting the audit report.
Completed at 22 November 2021
01 June 2022
Listing on Exchanges
WhiteBit, GateIO, HotBit, BitBns are the main targets.