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Frequently Asked Questions
DEEPMAZE is the world's first crowding pool backed, auto-staking, auto-liquidity DeFi token.
What problem DEEPMAZE solves?
DEEPMAZE solves the ownership, value and liquidty trilemma that is plaguing the ecosystem. Check out the whitepaper for a deeper understanding.
How Can I Buy?
Please visit how to buy section.
31 January 2022 19:00 UTC
What is the benefit of owning DEEPMAZE?
DEEPMAZE is backed by an anti-inflationary Crowding Pool and liquidity never runs dry.
Why my DEEPMAZE balance increased all of a sudden?
You received your share from the crowding pool since other community member transacted and triggered a distribution from the crowding pool. This increase is sponsored and backed by the Crowding Pool.
Is there any maximum transfer limit?
There is a maximum transaction limit of 10 million DPZ per transaction imposed by the smart contract.
What is auto-staking?
Auto-Staking means your balance will increase as long as you hold DPZ in your wallet. The increase is funded by the transaction tax revenue generated from transacting users.
Is DEEPMAZE audited and verified?
We believe in open source and transparency. All DEEPMAZE contracts are verified by BSCScan. All of the source code is open source (MIT Licence).

Our contract is audited by Techrate.
Who developed DeepMaze?
DeepMaze is an ownerless community token.
What is Turbowallet by DeepMaze?
Turbowallet enables holders to enjoy active staking. Turbowallet locks your DPZs for a period of time and achieves superior and well defined APY.

You can use Turbowallet from here. Technical details can be found here.

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